Diber Albania

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Radomir of Dibra is the starting point of the tourist route to climb the Korab Mountain. The Holiday of the Mountains is taking place in Radomir, an opportunity to attract the attention of tourists through natural beauties.

In the village are added visitors, there are those who start directly climbing the mountain, while the others are gathered in the Korabit standing.

Ismet Shehu is the chief of the kitchen in his restaurant in the capital. He was born and raised in Tirana, but have brought the roots of the family to Korab.

“This is the birthday of my father, a beautiful place,” says Ismet.

Radomir is particularly known for the production of sheep cheese. Every day milk is collected in the whole area of ​​villages around the mountains. In Hysen Dabull’s dairy, they reach 3 quintals and half of milk, which is immediately included in the processing of the process. The demand for Radomir cheese is high because it is feed of sheep grazing in Korab, which gives it a special taste of milk.

As in all the villages of Albania, life is difficult, but Radomira has a tourist potential and residents do not want masterplanes or big projects, they seek to invest in building 4 kilometers of roads linking the village to the Kukes-Peshkopi national axis. There are promises every time elections are made, but so far nothing has been done.

Spectacular nature reigns in Radomire. Clean air, water springs, pastures and forests on Korabi sites are a source that can provide the development of the entire area, turning Radomirna into a tourist destination all year long.


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