Grazhdani Castle

Grezhdan, Dibër, Albania

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Grazhdani Castle is a monument of cultural heritage in Grezhdan, district of Dibra, in the district of Dibra, Albania. This monument is of the type “Archeology”, approved with the number “6 / 15.01.1963 ‘”.

The castle was an ancient city with an unspecified name, probably Dobera, in the west of the village of Grazhdan, on the right bank of the Black Drin, southeast of Peshkopia. Excavations were made in 1983. The surrounding walls of the Grezhdan Castle are 3.5m wide and have a nearly 2800m linear line, reinforced by 42 square, rectangular and freshened towers, fortified with massive “u” towers, a characteristic of this century and 4 AD. The main place in this isal, which is surrounded by 18 towers, is the city of Grezhdan. The total area of the castle is 34ha. The castle had three entrances, each of which was protected by two horseshoe-shaped towers. The southern entrance of 14 m x 9 m measures a two-door entrance model.

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