Gramoz Restaurant

Velko Vlahoviq BB, Debar, Macedonia
+389 70 662 227

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Considering the Most Friendly Gramoz Restaurants in Debar, and mentioned in all the places where you should eat in the town of Dibra, this restaurant has kidnapped the hearts of locals from both sides of Dibra as the great and the Gramoz Restaurants is also known for organizing festivities like birthdays, feasts or various collective friendly organizations from the diaspora and the areas of the Dibra province, even to tourists visiting Dibra. Where bookings and services are accepted at the desk and at the outside ambiences for various events. This owes to the famous finery of the restaurant or the beautiful decorative wood and the warm atmosphere, as well as the creative way through which come some of the most traditional Albanian dishes, including those of the pre-war period. Gramoz Restaurants, through the traditional dishes, the cuisine of Guzhinës dibrane, it cooks and other Mediterranean and European menu, which has a special place in the heart of every Albanian for the menu of cooking and the characteristic that the restaurant offers.

Address: Velko Vlahoviq BB, Debar, Macedonia

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