Furre Buke – Pasticeri “Balliu”

Adress: Tercilio Kardinali, Peshkopi 8301, Albania
+35568 205 6518

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Bakery bread – Confectionery Balliu with a long tradition of bakery production, offers its quality ovens in Peshkopi quality, cleanliness, speed as well as cultured service. The buke Balliu Furnace offers to you honored customers with more than 7 kinds of breads, where is the main supplier of restaurants, shops where, among other things, they receive many orders of the traditional traditional products in the Dibran Market! Balliu “It is a sweet pastry with tradition, as well as various cakes of 30 kinds of pastry, where the main orders remain those typical dibrane, where all our byproducts are of BIO 100% flour and we are and always serve with the raw material Bio and without any conservation, this makes the success and quality of our products.
“Balliu DI” also has a wedding hall with a contemporary and comfortable ambience in the town of bishopric, where wedding parties are organized and even different events.

Address: Tercilio Kardinali, Peshkopi 8301, Albania

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