“Besa “Confectionery

Rr Vllazrim Bashkim 1250 Dibra, Debar, Macedonia
+389 46 833 962

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For delicious sweets such as: wedding cake, birthday cake, ice cream and all traditional sweets. The “Besa” recipe is back after a long time to continue a centuries-old tradition of sweets from three generations with a success story from Zagreb to Debar. It is back by three brothers who now falls to be the third generation of this beautiful art as it has the name Here you will not find just a place to go for sweet, but also a 100 year history. A modern business built on the old traces, saves with fanaticism, not just the taste of “Traditional” sweets, but also any objects belonging to this family. The “Besa” can be found in Great Dibër with the same taste, with the same commitment and love, with the same family culture, following a nearly century-old tradition, showing us that art has its sweet side. “Within a few years, the small inventor has become one of the most popular and modern in the dumplings and sweets market in Dibra. For the realization of this project, it was necessary to help the close people who with the professionalism of the tires have managed to maintain a high level of product quality, service and maintain a high level of satisfaction in our customers with delicious sweets such as: Sugarparen, Baklava, Dinnerware, Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Ice Cream Plums and all traditional sweets with a wide range of sweets but we tried to combine those modern with tradition. inherited, generations after generation, following old recipes by introducing new recipes, which are in time right now.

Adress.Vllazrim Bashkim
1250 Dibra, Debar, Macedonia

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