Drini i Zi

Drini i Zi Diber Albania.

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The Black Drin originates from Lake Ohrid, from an altitude of 695 m, while coming out of Macedonia’s territory near the town of Dibra at altitude 476 m. The total length of the river is 149 km., And within Macedonia the river is 56 km long. The many bridges that connect the two banks of the Black Drin give Struga the epithet “City of Bridges”. The river flows north to the town of Dibra in a mountainous area, where it marks a part of the border of the Republic of Macedonia – Albania, to then move to the territory of Albania. In the part of Macedonia the river flow is interrupted by two artificial lakes (Debar and Glloboçicë), which serve for the benefit of electricity.

Near the city of Kukës Drini i Zi joins the White Drin forming the united Drini river that has poured into the Adriatic Sea.

In the waters of the Black Drin grow a large number of fish such as carp, trout, eel, etc.


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