Doda’s Castle

Dibër, Albania

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The Doda fortress for centuries is distinguished for its high moral, spiritual, patriotic and cultural values. It is considered as the gateway to Korab, which shows its visitors greatness through stately mountains, purity through crystal water, the ubiquitous hospitality of people who reflect the characterizing positivity of this area as well as the variety of traditions in clothing and everything else. It is a rural area between the two cities, Peshkopi and Kukës. It is 34 km from Peshkopia and 38 km from Kukës. Inside there are 8 villages: Radomirë, Tejs, Ujëmirë, Kullas, Ceren, Ploshtan, Vasije. Shullan. In every aspect of speaking it is synonymous with beauty. During the 1990s there were many inhabitants but the difficult economic conditions led to the migration of many families to urban areas and most of the youth chose the immigration route. We hear the name “Castle”, envisioning a tall, tall wall of stone that overlaps harmoniously with each other but is not the case of this fortress but has a very special history. In the place called Great Field in the village of Ploshtan there were placed 300 Turkish soldiers (Nizame were called soldiers of that time). of the army requires the villagers from the surrounding villages to send 300 soldiers to the soldiers. A wise old man named Dod had an idea.
They would send 300 men dressed as women and 300 men accompanying the girls, who had the intention to become the ratio 2: 1 and so it was done and all the killed Turks had been left. Their heads were assembled to become a castle with them and in honor of that old man you name the Doda Castle. The great difficulties of the time could not overcome this place, not even the harsh climate and cold weather did not stop the students from being trained. Ploshtan is celebrated the 95th anniversary of the Albanian school which was built in vitinn1922. Dodalj Castle is visited by one large number of foreign tourists mainly Cekë who have gone astonished and with a desire to come back again. During a conversation with a teacher in this area, Mr. Skëpi Brika we learned more about the values ​​we serve. He shows about the education of this country and says he is very happy about the level of students he learns because this area has attracted students brilliant.Fet and about the traditions it carries “In weddings and in death the inhabitants of this area are very close to each other” but in times of affliction feels a sort of obligation to be present and provide support without sparing.
It is an area that has a large number of tourists, and sometimes the often fierce mentality and fanatics for their women and girls did not stop the residents from opening the doors of the houses and welcoming them as being members of the families They are waiting in the rooms of friends, where the petting of the room with their bearded lambs are placed white lace decorated with different flowers as well as the colorful carpets made by girls and women of the villages, and wooden sofas round in the middle of the rooms, which attracts more attention of tourists, and if we talk about the lunch or dinner offered to anyone we would like to be one day in his tourist life of this area. Roasted lamb sacrifices made with bag bakallava, sarma are some of the foods that are never absent at the tables of aliens, where in the sign of respect the guest placed the head of the ram, raw sheep. While talking about education, the traditions tell us about a celebration that residents celebrate every year. Different festivals and events take place, but the most special celebration takes place in the place called Lake Black. A beautiful and painful story, which says that a young couple was lapping the lands with the oceans, because of a tectonic sinking, have disappeared and no longer found the ring of this woman has left in the village of Vasije Kroi Good and from that day has remained as a tradition that every person drinking water in this loop is a thread that can extract from his clothes as a reminder and respect for the missing couple … but all the people respected this tradition too why it may have been a liqueur. The lake is found among the green forests of lifelike forests, separated by nature, surrounded by four tall trees. A place that seems like God has forgiven everything, and has turned it into a fabulous oasis just like the story itself. The lake offers a truly magnificent view and gives the sparkling, breathtaking, restful, and peace-loving souls so sparingly.
Doda’s castle can be considered a place where nature invades and fires in its bosom, from that magical scenery, but not only so, distinguished for large vegetation such as salepi, blueberries, ballsami, wild rose and blueberries that have value very curative but has helped and some economically-owned families that have sold it. One of the main reasons why the village of Tejs is to be visited is the presence of Korab Mountain at an altitude of 2751m. Whatever aspect of the Doda Castle is a symbol of the beauty of the unconditional shade radiating the mountains, which seem to create the illusion of scratching the sky. It is also a place of mass respect for the Muslim religion where the last years a magnificent mosque was built in the village of Tejs with the help of immigrants and residents of this area. Even though they face heavy weather problems during the summer, the country is full of snow, and besides snowblowers, they try to remove them with shovels to allow people to pass from one to the other, although they suffer in this period all are very happy, she sees the smiling faces of the people, especially the children who come out and play with one another, and why a good part of their body is covered with snow.
In addition to the beauty and richness it has, it has drawn attention to its architecture as well. They are home to two three storey houses built of stone slabs, each with chimneys used in the cold winter, but recently it has begun to break down little because they have continued to cover the roofs and use only in summer those who are resident in Tirana. There is a very good infrastructure to the village of Ceren while the rest of the road to the village of Tejs is kalldram.End farming and livestock are very developed, the summer is cultivated fields as they sow the beans, potatoes, mackerels they provide for the winter they are waiting for … while regarding livestock is a zone that is kept because she has sheep like that (rude) lamb, she needs to use it for meat and to do the business as they provide income with them.
Culture, history, hospitality, unique architecture, fascinating places, developed infrastructure … and what we can look for more from a place where everything that transmits is positively. I want to find a suitable word and sum it up with a word everything is experienced there, but this Albanian “NATURE GOD” is bigger than any word.


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