Vajkal’s Battle

Vajkal, Bulqizë

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Vajkal’s Battle (1465) was one of the battles of the Albanian army led by Skanderbeg, against the Ottoman invaders
Sultan Mehmeti II sent two great armies simultaneously to put Skanderbeg between two fires. One, commanded by the renegade Ballaban Pasha, marched from Traka to Macedonia and settled in the camp in the area of Vajkal (Bulqiza). The other Ottoman army marched through Tesalia to the Albanian coast and settled in Kashar. Scanderbeg encircled Vajkal’s field on all sides, leaving the Ottomans unable to maneuver or establish links between the two armies. Ballaban tried to get the army out of the camp in hopes of breaking the siege. It has remained in history because the entire Ottoman army was destroyed or captured. Only Ballaban could survive with a few soldiers.


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