Beko-Komerc DIBER

8 Shtatori, Diber e Madhe
+389 70 521 030

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Category: Shopping, Agro-grocery

“Beko-Komerc” The FOOD SALES, MULTI-MINOR AND MINOR SALES located in Great Debar for years, is the only regional-level market in the country. With the available square meters of land, it is not only the largest market in place in terms of area but also the largest in terms of volumes traded on it and the number of subjects supplied. You will find all kinds of agro-food products, qualities and standards of all kinds that has a market or grocery store.

Trading entities deal with domestic products as well as imports at different levels of retail, both wholesale and retail. “Beko-Komerc” DIBËR offers all the conditions for trading, including modern infrastructure, product safety and customer relationship and the subcontractors operating in it, as well as sanitary conditions.

The market is visited by many clients as we have repeated above from the two sides of the dibesae who are supplied with wholesale and retail agri-food goods. Market customers are mainly retail stores and supermarkets, but most of the other municipalities in the country do not lack.

Address: 8 Shtatori, Debar, Macedonia

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